Workout and What I Ate Today!

Today was kind of a weird day for me. I have felt just off the last couple of days…like my hormones are out of whack or something. It has been hard for focusing and also for getting anything done. I have mentioned in the past to you guys that I have been diagnosed with mild depression so when my hormones act up sometimes my depression can get the best of me. 

There are things that I do to help prevent it and what not but today was just a funk of a day! So I decided I had to do something because feeling that way sucks major ass. If you know what I mean haha! I decided that I needed to go out and get some sunshine and walk. I was gonna walk to the pool, play in there with Jenson and then walk back. 

Well I got to the pool and found I had the wrong key to get in. TOTAL BUMMER GUYS. Especially because it was mid 80s! So I decided to just get over and walk home but take a longer route and walk fast 

Well when I got home I felt surprisingly refreshed and happy! It was exactly what I needed. I then realized I have really done any workouts….mainly just walk lately. Next week though I am pushing myself to start a new workout program.mixed with swimming!!!! Keep me accountable guys! Lol

My food however was pretty damn great!! 

  • Breakfast – 3 Sunny Side Up Eggs with Frank’s Hot Sauce and Nespresso Coffee
  • Lunch – Damn good Chicken Salad 
  • Dinner – I had salad bar at Chucky Cheese and 1 small slice of pizza. I was surprised that their salad bar was pretty good! Who knew?! 

At about 3:30pm I did get kind of hungry and ended up snacking on chips. Chips are my worst enemy guys!!!! Savory snacks are something that are very hard to resist for me lol 

All in all I did fairly ok with my meals and I got in about a 40 mins walk so that isn’t to shabby! 

They say that exercise helps the endorphins and that couldn’t be more true!!! If you are feeling like crap go outside for a walk, do a 30 min workout of some sort. It will make a huge difference! 

Each day I am getting better and better at doing 100% Paleo!! It feels good to my body and mind when I eat healthy so I know that will make a world of difference with my mild depression, my goals for my business and well my relationship with my family and friends!!

Happy Friday everyone!!! 

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  1. I know what you mean… we walked around the lake at a local park and it reminded me how good it feels to just move. Trying to do something every day other than just sit on my ass!

    • That is great that you walked around the lake!! That is the most important thing you can do for your muscles and joints! Just get up and move!!!

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