3 Days In….

I am 3 days into my new workout program. I am actually feeling really good too!! I started the 21 Day Fix program but I didn’t start the nutrition portion. After the last couple days I think I should follow the portion control program just to help get me back in the swing of things!! 

I am loving the workouts though! I am already feeling stronger and definitely more sore than I have ever felt; lol!! 

https://changingnaturally.com/picplaypost_20170710_16_39_45-mp4/Each day is a completely different workout so it is refreshing to not be doing the same thing every day! Plus I have been going for walks so I am getting some extra exercise in! It takes time for sure to really get in the groove of a huge shift in lifestyle!!! 

I have been using my diffuser a TON since I started to really help with getting uplifted and excited about working out!!! I took so much time off from pregnancy, adrenal fatigue and healing from labor/delivery that I lost my excitement for exercise!! Makes me sad but it is just an obstacle I am.working through! 

I have been diffusing Citrus Bliss Blend and Breathe Blend for every workout! Citrus Bliss is an amazing blend of essential oils that is uplifting and invigorating!!! It has really helped me get my mind and body excited to start this program! The Breathe blend has also been extremely helpful to help get my airways opened up and make my workout even easier!! My allergies have been a pain in the butt lately so having that diffuse has been just wonderful!!! 😍

Another oil that has been amazing in my journey of getting back to my wedding weight has been Deep Blue! It is for sore muscles and joints and MAN does it work!!!! I have also heard Lemongrass works for this and I just tried it tonight to see which one I like better!!! Walking after legday has been quite hilarious!! Lol

So let’s talk nutrition!!! The past 3 days I would say I have been about 80% there! I have had 2 meals that weren’t exactly healthy or Paleo in the least!! Lol pizza last night and a beef dip today! Ha ha ha guys it was delicious but I realized one thing after the sandwich today! I ate all those carbs…yes there fries too…I was hungry like 2 hours later! That is when it hit me….THIS is why I am focusing my nutrition towards Paleo. It is a much more nutrient dense way to eat. I am getting all those veggies and lean meats in and that keeps me satiated for WAY longer!! This is also how people are gaining so much weight…well A reason. We are eating all these high unhealthy fats and bad carbs and they aren’t keeping us satisfied. In turn we are eating even more!!! Then we end the day eating tons of calories!!! Eek! That isn’t good! 

So with that said I am loving the program but I still have changes to make! I am so excited I am making these changes to have a healthier and happier way of life. 

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