Okay first of all I just have to say that Doterra is amazing!!!! This week they are having a buy one get one deal every single day!! As you all know I love love love essential oils! 

Seriously if you have something going on in your life there’s most likely an oil for that hahaha!! 

I have found so many amazing things to use them for and so I had to share with you guys this awesome week that is going on! All week long me and my team have a Facebook group that is sharing with everyone the BOGO of the day as well as educating you all on the oils and what you can use them for!! 

Today’s BOGO is by Melaleuca and get purify for free!!! 

There’s so many different uses you can use for Melaleuca and purify it’s pretty incredible! 

Melaleuca is one of my stand by oil should I use on a daily basis! There’s so many ways that you can use Melaleuca and purify!!

This is the PERFECT BOGO to kick off the week!! Every home needs and will benefit greatly by having these two oils on hand! 



-Immune Support


-Seasonal Support

-Soothes Irritation

-Purifies the Air



-Seasonal Support

-Soothes Irritation

-Purifies the Air

-Repels Insects

-Soothes Bug Bites

-Freshens the Air


If you are curious to learn more about these amazing oils or just want to go ahead and purchase them please message me at 

On top of the awesome BOGO deal I have a really great giveaway so if you’re interested to learn more again message me!!! 

Happy Oiling!!!!!

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