BOGO Day 2!!!! 

✨DAY 2: Tuesday BOGO!✨

💧Buy One Terrazyme (digestive enzyme)

💧Get One Digest Zen FREE!!

☀️BOGO SKU: 35110001

☀️Wholesale: $37.50 Retail:$50.00

This combo is ALL things digestive; they are powerful GI Tract Partners!! All tummy troubles can benefit from this powerful duo!

I love today’s deal because digestion is what started the whole holistic and natural living journey for myself!!! Digestion can affect aoany things so helping it out is huge! 

TerraZyme is a capsule that you can take every day if you want! It helps digest all those processed foods that are out there.  It is hard to 100% get away from everything processed and because of that this is here to help add support. 

DigestZen is an incredible Essential Oil Blend! This is what we used for Jenson when he was having tummy troubles due to formula. He calmed him right now and he felt loads better! You could see it in his face! 

If this BOGO deal is something that interests you please email me at and let’s chat! 

3 Comments on “BOGO Day 2!!!! 

  1. Hi! Natalie
    I’m super busy around the house and stuff going on for me and Vacation’s coming up Aug2-16, then back to work ! 😱
    I really like to order this combo from you asap through PayPal. I need it for my trip. So give me detail how to order . Thank you! By the way I like reading your stuff but not so much by Webinar . 😜

    • Also I will be in California labor day weekend to do classes talking about the basics of Essential Oils! If you want to host and invite some friends I would love to educate!!!! You can get my phone number from mom and text me and we can set a date to do the class!

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