The Anxiety Monster and What I Did to SHUT IT UP!

It is amazing how your body changes so much during and after having a baby. The hormones raging, the weight fluctuating…blah blah blah….that is all I have to say about that business. lol You just don’t feel like you…and the question always pops in my mind.. will I ever feel like ME again? Who knows…this is my first baby so I am new at this. I think it is kind of scary. You are in a whole different body that you aren’t used to, your hormones are going nuts and feelings are coming out that you aren’t used to and to top it off life has completely changed because now you have this beautiful little human to take care of.

When we got pregnant I didn’t know how I would feel, how much weight I would gain or anything else…i really just had no idea what was going to happen. It is weird to look at myself in a mirror right now and think that hey…this is me. This is my body and now it is time to work. There are definitely things I wish I could have done to make postpartum easier, like workout during pregnancy. Unfortunately that is not something I was really able to do other than the walks. Well that is in the past and it is time to move forward. The worst thing to do is to put all my focus on the past and then dwell in it. This does nothing. I have to meet myself where I am at right now.

The last couple weeks has been especially hard for me…my anxiety and feeling of worry started to creep in like I have never felt it before. At first I thought it was new PMS that I was getting since I had heard that could be all wonky as well. Well it was part of that but it is also just straight up anxiety because I am worried about the future.  I am not a person that LOVES change…in fact I put a bit of a worry wort about it and start to second guess myself. Which is awful. Don’t do that..just don’t. lol 

I had heard the phrase PostPartum Anxiety and read a little into it and it seemed to be where I was. I have had this fear that something was going to happen to my sweet Jenson. We all know what fear stands for..and that is where I was living. I realized I kind of stopped life when this started to creep in. I kind of just hid away and hoped it would just go away. Well guys…don’t do that either! haha I basically wasn’t handling it. I can’t expect something to go away if I am not going to do anything about it. That goes for everything in life.

I can’t expect to lose weight or feel healthy and happy if I am going to sit around and do nothing. I am the only one in charge of my life and it took me a couple days to snap out of it…thank you Period!! I finally feel like that fog has lifted though. I am starting to get back to who I normally am…the motivated kick ass crazy lady that I am! haha I learned alot the last couple weeks. Clearly I didn’t handle that anxiety well. To be honest …it really threw me for a loop. I wasn’t expecting something like this, to feel like this. I didn’t feel prepared and in turn I hid away instead of fighting it. I let it consume me instead of telling it to piss off.

PostPartum is a crazy freakin journey guys. The hormones, the body changes, the life changes. Everything. We all get different symptoms of it whether it be anxiety, happiness, depression etc.  All you moms are doing a wonderful job. We are all different and going through something different but that is OK! The most important thing that I learned from this is not letting it get to me. I should have stood tall and told this crap to piss off but I didn’t. I went down a different rabbit hole and I never ever want to do that again! We have to be brave, we have to fight and we have to show them who is the boss! lol 

So I say all these things but you are probably wondering….well Natalie…how in the hell am I supposed to do this?? You keep saying show them who is boss but I need to know HOW! Well don’t worry guys..we are getting there. I know I am long winded…just ask my dad…as he says ‘get to the point Nat!’ haha!

So how do I combat those feelings of anxiety, those feelings of worry? Well let me share what I did….and I hope that they can help you!

  1. Pray/Meditate – I am a Christian woman. I believe in God and I have to realize that I am not the one in charge. (ok I know..i try to be but it never seems to work!) To be totally honest I haven’t really been praying much. Prayer life has never been a strong one for me. This is something I have wanted to change. Something our Pastor told us in Church was that we need to give it all to Him, our one true God. I wasn’t doing that. I was trying to handle it all on my own…UMM NO WONDER I WAS FREAKIN OUT! lol I started praying more and really just focusing on letting it out. WOW did that help me. All of a sudden, I felt a weight lifted.  It is very hard to let things go. I am a control freak. I like things my way. I know shocking right? Well it has always been hard for me to give up that control and that is why I deal with this anxiety. It is OK to let go! In fact…it is healthy! So do! Knock it off right now guys! haha. I also added in Meditate. . . I actually haven’t done this yet but I am starting it. Meditation can have some many wonderful affects on you! Try it out…tell me how you like it..what you learned from it and anything else! I would love to hear from you.
  2. Talk, Talk, Talk! – The minute you feel not right is the minute you need to talk to someone, multiple people…anyone!! OK maybe not up to random people…they might thing you are a loony bird! lol For real though guys…talk…have those certain friends you can truly confide in for honesty, love and support. These are so so so important!
  3. Get Oily!! There are so many ways Essential Oils can help with emotions. (Plus they have incredible vitamins that help too!) I started really putting together a little blend of ‘happiness’ and ‘motivation’ to help me. To help set me up for the day!! So what oils did I use? Lemon, Frankincense, Citrus Bliss, Balance Blend and Serenity. These oils helped me a TON in this great time of need!!
  4. Make Changes to Nutrition/Fitness – it isn’t surprising that I am saying this right guys? lol Nutrition can COMPLETELY affect your mood. The more processed junk and just crap that you eat….the worse you will feel which in turn can cause you to feel depressed. I know…really ‘sciency’ right?? haha. I am basically saying this guys….choose whole foods. Make a conscious effort to eat veggies over chips. Your body will thank you and so will your mind. Same with fitness…make a conscious effort to add in activity. SOME kind..ANY kind. Go for a walk, swim, run! Go skipping! Workout at home, go to the Gym. FIND SOMETHING. Stop with the excuses….trust me I am a pro at excuses! Oh you are tired? well do it anyways, I don’t have child care…ok take your kid with you. (I can say that now because I have a kid! ha!) If you take your child with you they are gonna start seeing that fitness is just a part of daily life. These changes will really resonate with your kids and they will want to mimic that. We all want our kids healthy and happy and it really starts with us! 🙂

So there you go….these are the changes I made and AM making right now. They aren’t’ easy….and not everyday I am doing them…YET. BUT I am getting there. I hope you found this helpful. If there are tips YOU have to help combat anxiety, stress, worry…I would love to hear!!

As always thank you guys for listening! You are all amazing and beautiful!

My Go-To Anxiety Blend!

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