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Tanner and I

My name is Natalie and I am in my 30’s.  I have been married since 2011 to my amazing and wonderfully supportive husband, Tanner. We met in College and it was definitely a love at first sight but didn’t date until 5 years later! ha ha! I love animals and have a retired racing greyhound named Ace who is an awesome running buddy!

 I have always just naturally been an active person…just ask my parents! They laugh at how I just can never sit still! My husband is always like ‘is it even possible to watch a 30 minute TV show without you getting up and walking around?’ HAHA! NOPE!

 I have been into fitness and nutrition my entire life and have always wanted to help people feel good about themselves. The reason being is that I went through a very hard body image phase (eating disorder and bad relationships that made it worse) and I hated how I felt about myself.  I was a dancer for a long time and then got into acting and so body image was always looming over my head…never feeling good enough and letting other peoples opinions about me matter more than my own.  I struggled alot with how I felt which ultimately led me to leave the entertainment industry. I just couldn’t stand one more ‘well if you were 15 lbs lighter we would hire you’ comment.  I was already very underweight, not healthy at all both physically and mentally.  It was a very bad very toxic time in my life.  

After that I ended up moving to Colorado and completely fell in love with the state!!  Everyone was so nice!! I noticed how active people were and loved it so I decided I had to join in the fun.  My sister-in-law, Avery, is a runner and she talked about it a lot and it encouraged me to try and get out there! I was pretty nervous as Dancing has always been my form of workouts..but I did it..I got out there and just about DIED!! ha ha! High Altitude and Never Running in YOUR LIFE is a hilarious mix!! Well I decided to keep going and found out that I have a huge passion for it! Thus began my LOVE for fitness!!

 Other stuff I have done include, Crossfit for awhile and loved it, cycling, which I still do, and love it and then found beachbody workouts (SOO easy!) One of my favorite types of fitness is Swimming though!! I absolutely love that we live in a community that has a pool! I can go there ALL day if I wanted! lol

 My husband is a cyclist and has done some pretty amazing rides so its great when we can go out together!! We are definitely rubbing off eachother to stay healthy both physically & mentally!!

My love of fitness really became a love of getting healthy. Physically and Mentally.Like I shared earlier…I have dealt with alot of mental issues about how I look. I knew that I had a lot of stressors that I needed to relieve and start working on a version of me that was happier, healthy and not stressed.

As I decided to do this, my husband and I wanted to start working on expanding our family. WOW I didn’t realize HOW LONG it would take! It was a huge journey of learning for us. I learned about how food and fitness aren’t all that you need to be healthy but also learning what products you bring

in your house that will either be smelled, put on your body or possibly eaten. I found that alot of products really messed up my hormones and causing issues with my fertility. We have come a long way and I am so excited to have this blog here to share with you my journey.

Thanks for coming by this website and if you have any suggestions please feel free to share!

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