Natural Solutions

We live in a world full of man made synthetic products. This stuff is in our beauty products, cleaning products and anything else we use on a daily basis. They are poisonous to our bodies and cause harmful side effects. I grew up never knowing this information because it just wasn’t something that people talked about. You don’t know what you don’t know! Now people are starting to see that there are natural solutions to many of the items we use on a daily basis.

It is when I started my fertility journey that I found most of the products I was using were harmful to my reproductive organs (among many other issues). It is our job to be proactive about what we use in our house so that we can stay healthy, happy and live a long fruitful life!

If you are working towards having a home that is more natural it is best to start small.You don’t want to overwhelm yourself or else you may just give up on it all! You don’t want to give up! What I did was start with what I use in the shower and went on from there. I used Essential Oils as a may hub for exchanging things out as well! You can make anything you use in the house with them and there are no side effects!! Woohoo! 

Our Happy Family!
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