Today is just weird…

Sometimes pregnancy really sucks. It just does…I want to be completely honest here and not hold back here. This morning I must have woken up just on the wrong side of the bed. My pelvis has been hurting since and it is already hard to walk. Normally it takes a couple hours for that to kick in for the day and I have been soo good about just letting it go and knowing that it will soon be over. In fact I have been surprisingly easy going with everything I have going on…which right now, It is a lot.

Today though…not so much.

I feel the weight of the world on me, we have a house that has to be remodeled due to an unfortunate flood that happened in the house. Plus, we have this new baby coming that will change our entire world in a way that we can’t understand yet and we will be dealing with contractors at the same time.  To top that mountain off I will be eventually losing my job due to the office closing. For the most part..I am actually OK with everything happening. I really am – in fact a lot of it is a blessing just more weird timing. At least weird to me since it is all happening at once. So anyways, today I am here sitting at my desk feeling like I have a million things to get handled and feeling like I really can’t even nest because we are in this weird limbo of ‘will we be in a hotel when baby comes or not?’. 

I hate sounding like Ms. Pity Party but today, right now that is just how it is.  I feel like usually I can pretty much handle anything but throw in hormones that I am not used to and that all gets flown out the window. I feel like hormonal changes and crying are something that are more joked about in pregnancy. Like ‘oh you don’t want to piss her off!’ and can be kind of silly and fun to make fun of but when you are feeling it, living it…well that is a whole different thing. It isn’t so funny anymore.  Life throws curveballs, life can be nuts and life doesn’t and probably will never go to plan. Let’s be honest here…when have you planned something and it went exactly right? haha like

This post today isn’t my normal feel good post because I just want to throw it all out there and be honest with where I am. I feel like I owe you guys that. Pregnancy right now is hard for me. I want to cry, I want to scream and I want to not feel huge and have this pelvis pain. I know it will get better, I will get it all out and then be fine. You know me..I hate holding in anything. So to all the women that have dealt with this..I love you. You are Perfect. You are Beautiful. You are Strong. You are a Champion.


Monday’s are always tough…

Cletus the Fetus is making my hormones go nuts!

It’s the start of a brand new week! Hooray! 🙂 So let me tell you all about this weekend…first of all we didn’t do much! I was pretty exhausted for the entire weekend and Tanner really needed a break, which is totally understandable because I have been making him go 90 mph just like me. Lol Clearly he was over that business! So I really want to talk about yesterday because well in retrospect it was like a sad but kind of funny day.  First of all my day started with me waking up to Tanner surprising me with my favorite breakfast sandwich and coffee. We had planned to go to church (for once in a blue moon! :() but I just wasn’t feeling the best. Since I have been getting so tired lately and with the cramps and the sciatica he just wanted me to rest.  So we had our meal, enjoyed our new trashy tv show that we are completely hooked on…anyone seen The Royals? Goodness …can’t get enough. lol

Then that is when I got smacked in the face by the hormonal bus ride that became my day. Oh. My. Gosh. people…was I a hot mess you ask? Why yes…yes I was…

Tanner is very serious about these baseboards for the nursery!

All of a sudden I just started feeling very sad, lonely and well like I was gonna just start crying. I immediately told Tanner that something was wrong and my emotions were getting to me and I had no clue why. I felt like the weight of the world was on me and no one cared. He came over hugged me and told me that so many people care…and of course I turned into a blubbering mess saying crazy things like ‘no one calls or checks in…’ blah blah blah. It took a good 20-30 mins to snap out of it and I finally did and calmed down.

We sat down and just relaxed because clearly I needed a chill pill. I had decided that now that we have our kitchen sort of back (kitchen and basement flooded) that we should start getting back to our meal plans and if I can get one thing done I would love to get groceries. Tan thought it was a great idea! So as per usual I sat at my computer to get started but then just stared at my computer and then broke down AGAIN. I mean, seriously? What the hell was wrong with me?? Tanner rushed over and was like ‘lover what is wrong??” and I cried even harder and said ‘I can’t make a meal plan! I don’t know where to start! I don’t know what I am doing!!’ ….you heard it here people. I had a meltdown because I couldn’t make a meal plan. ha ha ha!

Looking back it’s pretty darn hilarious. My hormones and prego brain definitely got the best of me! BUT…this is real. I have only had one of those days twice since I have been pregnant. Just twice…I count myself very lucky because feeling like the weight is completely on you and you are alone is no joking matter. Many women get this the entire pregnancy!! Can you even imagine? The ENTIRE pregnancy….it’s painful, hard and well feels lonely. It’s very hard to snap out of it and realize that all those things you are thinking ARE NOT TRUE. Hormones are a crazy thing…I truly feel for you women who get this way more than what I have had to deal with!!

To go on with the story, Tanner helped me create the meal plan and then we went on to shopping. I truly truly needed him yesterday because I was extremely emo and he was there, there to just hug me and tell me how amazing I was. I had a couple more cry sessions and he let me just get it all out. It really did help to just get it out, which is something I must push on you all. If you feel the need to cry…let it out! It will only help you! Also, find other healthy solutions to help you move forward. For me, I diffused some oils which actually helped a TON. I diffused lavendar, lemon and wild orange and as we sat and relaxed I really noticed my head getting clear and getting back to normal! It’s important to have those tools at your belt when you have a crazy off day! We all get them, some more than others. That is OK…but remember to talk to someone. I had Tanner to talk to…to help me get through it. If you stay honest with yourself it will truly help you!

28 Week – Glucose Test and Sciatica

Just completed my 28 week appointment which consisted of a Glucose Test, Check baby heart beat and ask any questions that are needed to ask. This particular appointment is a longer one because of the glucose testing, basically to check if I have gestational diabetes or not.  So I went in, weighed in, peed in a cup and took this sugary beverage that tasted like fruit punch and then waited for the doctor to come in and chat. So far I have gained about 20 lbs and I feel pretty great! I have had this kind of shooting pain down near my tail bone. I actually thought I bruised it but today the doctor said ti was my sciatica. So this is a new one for me…I go to chiropractor regularly but she said that its most likely caused from where the baby is laying and that I need to slow it down (haha!). Slow it down???? Ummm do you even know me? How on earth do i ‘slow it down’

As the doctor was telling Tanner and I this I could FEEL the smirk on his face knowing that he will be ‘BABE! See i told you! You need to chill and rest!’ Probably one of the biggest challenges for me is to just sit and relax. I don’t know how to do that! Anyone else face this issue? Also, I feel like i have slowed down a lot..but it is hard! Thank God I have some amazing friends that have been helping me! You all know who you are and you all rock!

28 Weeks and Counting!

So slow down, sit upright (which I already do) and take it slow when I get out of a chair or seated position. OK..I got this. Wish me luck guys! Ha ha!

Does anyone have ideas how what they have done to help with a sciatica pain?

Next step is we wait….We sat in the waiting room for about 40 mins and then I had to give blood so they can test my blood sugar, thyroid and one other thing that I have completely forgotten about! (Insert Prego Brain…or Mushy Brain..) Pregnancy is so interesting guys…I mean you have all this stuff to test, all this stuff to look out for while at home all while trying to figure out how you are going to get through labor and then having a kid! It can be really daunting at times but thankfully I have Tanner to help chill me out and of course all of you amazing people! 🙂 The best thing for me to do at this point is realize that it’s going to be OK. I am not perfect, nor do I want to be (umm that sounds boring!) and I am going to do things right for little Cletus and I have to remember that. Its gonna be OK. haha! I tend to WAY over think things and then get myself in a tizzy about it when really there is nothing at all to worry about! Hormones on top of it all don’t help! One thing is true…my humor about it all has not changed! I can just laugh at my crazy and realize I can be a little nutso about things and that is OK I just have to take it down a notch! What I have learned in all this is the most important thing to have is your friends and family there to say ‘hey its gonna be ok!!!’ it makes a world of a difference!

So a shout out to all you amazing people! THANK YOU! Thank you for listening to me rants and thank you for commenting back on your thoughts! You are all awesome!

Tuesdays are for sleeping…right?

Not sure what is in the pregnancy water today but I am just really tired – I mean like super duper ‘is this my first trimester’ tired. I am about halfway through 28 weeks so I totally figured I would not get this! In fact, I had planned to get some organizing done in our bedroom and instead I find myself laying in bed playing with the snapchat filters and falling asleep. The house is no where near close to being organized or even put away but that is the loveliness of moving..right? So I am in some majorly comfy clothes, hair is up and I am just going to leave it at that for the day!

28 Weeks PregnantOn top of that…the basement flooded due to our dishwasher so the kitchen and basement have fans going right now. We have some demo guys here right now pulling up our kitchen floor to get everything dried out and on to the next step to meet with an adjuster. It’s been kind of a crazy weekend and I have been going at full speed…or at the fullest speed I can and I think today Cletus told me to shut it down.  One thing I really struggle with is slowing down…i just go go go until I fall asleep! Does anyone else get that way? Just me? OK..well then…nevermind 🙂

I keep getting told to slow it down but I guess I have never had to do that…so figuring out how to slow it dimg_5160own is quite harder than one would think! I get the itch to get up and do something when really I should be putting my feet up and letting myself just relax and maybe watch a movie! Ha ha! It’s is a tough one so any ideas about doing that would be great!

It is a learning process and I realize that so I am just taking one day at a time, one moving box at a time and I am working on not letting it get to me…well as best as I can!

So instead of doing what I intended on I am going to lay in bed, get my baby book ‘Baby Wise’ and start reading. I figure this is the perfect time to dive more into this book so I can start making a great routine for when Cletus comes!!! Who thinks we will have a girl!? Who thinks it will be a boy?

Sunday Thoughts…that Damn Stress!

Its Sunday afternoon and I hear the sounds of paint rollers in the soon to be nursery as I am sitting at my little desk in our new house working away.  I am just thinking about how life has changed sooo much for me. So many things have happened that I honestly never thought possible!! You all know how long it took for Tanner and I to get pregnant and after awhile I honestly started to feel hopeless about it. 2016 was the year I started to just give up and say ‘you know..maybe God is telling us we are just going to be kick ass aunt and uncle’.

I think what actually helped us TO get pregnant is I let the pressure off of me. The stress melted away as I started to think ‘welp this isn’t going to happen and it is time for me to be OK with it’. It’s a weird feeling and I just felt really defeated.


Its amazing to me how sometimes you have to get to your lowest to start rebuilding. In this case…I needed to just…well..stop. I needed to stop. I put soo much pressure on myself that I was soo overly stressed which in turn caused my Adrenal Fatigue. I am not going to lie seeing people getting pregnant over and over makes it even harder. You think to yourself ‘what the hell am I doing wrong!?’

Well I can tell you one thing…YOU ARE STRESSING ABOUT IT! We as a society need to realize that stress is a huge issue for our bodies. It is a killer. It messes up everything! Plus I think a lot of us do not know how to handle it which makes it even worse.

I think that is why I was soo shocked when I actually saw those lines saying that it was happening. I had gotten myself to the point of ‘welp…we are done here…time to move on now. Move Along…nothing to see here’ ha ha ha

Things happen in their perfect timing. They really do…it isn’t OUR perfect timing by any means…whether you believe that is God’s perfect timing, the universe or whatever…but it is when its right. For someone who is quite the control freak it can be extremely hard to let go. However, the best thing you can do for yourself is to just LET GO. Work hard but work on that stress management or else what is all that hard work for?

Its Sunday…so draw a bath, go do some coloring, watch a movie or something to just relax and rejuvenate that spirit. As for me…I am going to organize…because I just love it! I am also going to think about my next steps in life. What I am going to do…what do I want to do? So many questions but for now…time to just be. Happy Sunday!

Getting Back on the Wagon!

Boxes, boxes and MORE boxes! That is my life right now…the biggest question I have to myself is ‘how on earth did we accumulate soo much crap!?’  We have so many boxes to go through, organize, get rid of and put away! It is just crazy! I sadly didn’t have a chance to sift through everything before we moved so now I am working on that! I have to say moving a 3 bedroom/3 bath house is way different than a 1 bedroom apartment! ha ha!

Luckily I have had help with getting through the boxes along with I have my Dad coming out to help paint the house and do other things we need! Thank the lord!!! Being 27 weeks prego and trying to get a house put together is img_5054a lot more work than I realized! Thank GOD I have friends and family that WANT to help!! Then on top of that we get to hang out! I say that is a huge win win! I had no idea that i would get as tired as I do and the hubby always has to keep me in line so I may sure to sit down and rest because I will just keep going if I don’t! ha ha Anyone else bad at taking time to sit and relax? I have a hard time sitting…i just want to move all the time! Last night however….I ended up deciding to just sit and relax and it was soo worth it! My feet (Mainly my heels) were just on fire!

So I started to relax and that is when I felt that wonderful sensation of our little #CletustheFetus moving all over the place! I think he may have been doing flips in there! We may have an acrobat on our hands guys! Ha ha! The best way for me to describe the sensation of our little miracle moving is like gas bubbles. Think of club soda with all those little bubbles? Well it is kind of similar to that only much bigger bubbles popping! It is a strange feeling but really exciting!! I feel like the last couple of months I have just been all over the place with the house move, my job, the baby arrival, baby shower and deciding what I am going to do after baby comes! It is alot on my plate and I am sorry to you all for not writing about it! This is my therapy to share with you guys!

So now I am back at it…I have lots of things to share and I am so excited to get more into detail about it all! Now on to my day!


Weird Stuff Happens When Pregnant….it is OK!

Hormones are raging, you feel bloated, constipated, diarrhea, tired as all hell and maybe some smells or tastes are a big fat NOPE. Not all women get symptoms and some get them worse than others. It is soo interesting…I am now 27 weeks and some days pregnant. I have had some weird symptoms that I never even knew were a thing until I got preggers! Have you ever gotten crazy Sinus/Allergy Symptoms? Wow I had them for a good month straight…so bad I had to take off time off of work because I could barely even concentrate. Apparently they can flare up when you are pregnant. It is a symptom that doesn’t normally happen with all pregnant women but it does happen.  I have seen alot of women say ‘i loved being pregnant’ or ‘I hate being pregnant’ and maybe a few ‘eh…it was Ok’ haha! So what are you? I actually enjoy it for the most part thankfully!

I just recently finished my registries and boy was that a task! Half the stuff the hubby and I had no idea what to register for or what! Like for instance…the bottles and nipples. Uh there are different kinds? Oh wait …there are a million different kinds!? Overwhelm city …amirite!? Luckily, my sister just told me what to get in that area so I went ahead and did that, but it can be super overwhelming. It can be especially when you have no one to help you out! I commend all those mommas that had to just figure it out! I am also just grateful that we don’t have to deal with the registry anymore! lol It was one big check that needed to be completed! The second biggest check I needed to complete was moving. We just moved this past weekend to our new home! It has been a bit stressful only because as the weeks go by we get closer to the due date of baby! EEk! I want to nest, get the house ready and relax as much as I can before the hurricane of our child arrives. So we got everything in this weekend and now we are just organizing, cleaning and getting ready to have the house painted! So much to do but now that we have gotten the actual move completed I feel a TON better! So hooray for that portion of it!

Anyone else make big changes right before baby comes? I am curious how common it is!

Raspberry Lemon Bars

I love to bake but I do not do it much because hubby requested I do not. Why you ask? He says he loves my baking and ends up eating it all and he doesn’t want to be 300 lbs! hahaha! It is a great compliment but then I end up not baking as much as I normally do! Well since we both have office jobs it is a great way for me to get in my baking needs and then send it off to the office and let everyone else eat the goodness! Sharing IS Caring guys!

On Sunday I definitely got the itch to do some baking. My bestie, Ashley, came over and we decided to bake together! It was a ton of fun! We tried 3 new recipes and my old stand by sugar cookie recipe (it is the bomb!). Everything came out really delicious!

Raspberry Lemon Bars

We were in the mood for some raspberry lemon bars which we found on Pinterest (umm…who else loves that site?). They sounded interesting especially because I have only ever made lemon bars never had thought to add another fruit to them!  I love lemon bars! I would say they are definitely my favorite type of dessert…mainly because I pretty much love anything that is lemony! Yum yum!!

So we went on our merry way to head to the grocery store (The UnSafeway if you know 5 points!) got our goodies and got home to get rolling…haha get it? Rolling? Rolling Dough? No? …OK moving on…

It had been quite a long time since I have baked AND I got to do it with my bestfriend! Talk about soo much fun all while watching Playing House! Have you seen that TV Show? If need to! It is hilarious and a great show to watch with your girlfriends, we were just missing a nice glass of wine to go with our day!

So, below is the recipe we used and I added some of my thoughts for the next time I will bake these bars! They came out perfectly baked. If you aren’t a really lemony person you will probably love them as is. I personally needed more lemon! I think the Raspberry amount overpowered the small amount of fresh lemon juice that is mentioned.


  • 12 tablespoons butter, softened (1 1/2 sticks)
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • 1 1/2 cups flour
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 3 tablespoons flour
  • 3 tablespoons fresh lemon juice (My Suggestion: Add 2 more tablespoons of lemon juice)
  • My Suggestion: Add some Lemon Zest
  • 1/2 cup crushed fresh raspberries
  • powdered sugar for dusting
  • lemon slices, whole raspberries, and mint leaves for garnish (optional)


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Prepare a 9 by 9 inch baking pan by spraying it with nonstick spray and lining it with parchment paper, leaving excess paper hanging over the sides for easy removal after baking.
  2. In the bowl of an electric mixer, cream together butter and sugar on medium low speed. Add flour and mix until a dough is formed. Press the dough into the bottom of the 9 by 9 inch baking pan. I use a small piece of parchment paper to press the dough so that it won’t stick to my fingers.
  3. Bake for 15 minutes at 350 degrees.
  4. In the meantime, make the filling.
  1. In the bowl of an electric mixer, whisk eggs and sugar until smooth. Add flour and mix, then add lemon juice and raspberries. Make sure the raspberries are a little bit crushed up by the whisk so that they can be evenly distributed through the filling. When the crust comes out of the oven, pour the filling over the crust. Return to the oven, and bake for another 20 minutes.
  2. Cool completely and then dust with powdered sugar. Use the parchment paper handles to lift the bars out of the pan to make cutting easier.
  3. If garnishing with lemon slices, whole raspberries, and mint leaves, do this just before serving.
  4. What I would do differently: Add in some lemon zest & extra lemon juice (maybe 2 more tablespoons) – the bars came out perfectly baked but if you want a stronger lemon flavor add in what I suggest. If you aren’t much of an lemon person then I would leave it as it is!

Recipe Courtesy of: Lovely Little Kitchen


Stress of Pregnancy and Money

The excitement of being preggers is still in the air of course…but I have been having this underlying stress about ‘how are we going to pay for this and still live!?’ I am sure you saw that in my previous post about staying home or being a working mom (Click Here for Article) Does anyone else feel that way? I know for me money in general is a big stress point. I think the reason being is I always feel better if I have a hoard of money so then  I know we will always be OK.

Now I know we all hear the ‘don’t worry about it!’ ‘just relax’ ‘calm down it will be OK’ … ok well that is fine and dandy but when you are in the thick of it that doesn’t really help! Maybe a massage and a cocktail would BUT we can’t quite do the cocktail part now can we? lol It can be a never ending cycle of ‘eek what if we don’t have enough money’ but ‘I need to calm down and not stress for the baby’ right back to ‘but what if we are BROKE!”. It can be frustrating and very hard to manage! The husband keeps telling me that we will figure it out because every couple does and that we need to just work on it and not have a freak out. Which I couldn’t agree more with but when your hormone are going 80 miles an hour it makes it a teensy bit tougher. I want to make sure we are OK, that we can still travel and not feel like we are scraping by. So how do I do that? Well sitting around thinking about worst possible scenarios may not be the BEST way to combat that. So basically I need to just knock it off. And anyone who is doing it needs to knock that off too! You are only making it worse on yourself! You know how I roll – I am not shy to tell myself or anyone else to knock anything off! haha! Sometimes we need a swift kick in the rear to get ourselves going again!september_03__2016_at_0425pm_-_natalie_bell_-_what_would_your_face_look_like_if_there_was_another_bell_coming_into_the_world__april2017bellbaby__cletusthefetus

So how do I move forward from this? One thing I am realizing is I need a plan of action and I need to stay focused on that. So start that budget (if you haven’t), start adding a few more dollars to your debt & savings. Having a plan of action can really help the stress level and my reasoning for it is you wont have that ‘out of control’ feeling if you have a plan in place. I definitely know that it wont take away all your pain but it will definitely take a good amount.  My biggest stressor is this daycare business. . I am thinking at this point I will be going back to work. I don’t think I really have the option to do otherwise and that is fine with me as I was saying before both ideas sounded great to me. The question is…how do you pay for fulltime Daycare without going broke?

The budget…do you have one? Trust me it will help a ton if you don’t…KNOW where your money is going. KNOW where you need to make changes and then MAKE the change! If you don’t know how to make a budget…use google to do some research. Also, do not take just one website’s advice…search and get multiple answers. This is a really good start…also if daycare is what is stressing you out like it is for me…call multiple ones. Get lots of quotes so you can make an educated decision on what you need to do. Once you know the cost and it is set you can go from there because at that point that cost will be an automatic just like your mortgage or rent. (ha more like it is a mortgage or rent payment! Be still my heart people)

Talk with your spouse about the stress you are feeling. This is REALLY important. Talking about how we feel isn’t something that normally happens these days. I feel a lot of us hide our feelings. This doesn’t help anyone! So let’s make that change. Talk to your spouse because he/she may have some great ideas already rolling around and if they don’t..well then it is time for you guys to make changes together as a couple. Plus talking to each other before baby comes will make a huge difference between you two in general.

What ways are you helping combat stress while being pregnant? Especially when it comes to money? What are you doing? I would love to hear your story!

To Stay at Home or Not…a Tough Question

The other day was kind of an overwhelming day for me. All these things I need to do before the babe arrives flooded at me. (No bueno!) When we were trying for a baby I didn’t really consider any of the checklists I would need to look at during my pregnancy or whether I would decide to quit my job or not. All things that are needed to do but I guess you just don’t think about that stuff until it actually is happening. Does that make sense? Or is this just me? haha!

So the big question I had with my husband yesterday was ‘do I want to stay home or do I want to go back to work?’ Well they are both great choices!! Which makes it even more difficult! haha

I have really thought about both and I am still at a loss. The biggest thing that comes down to it is money. Can we financially afford for me to stay home and maybe do a work from home gig, focus primarily on my blog, etc. Something to note about me is money stresses me out. I am much more comfortable when I know we have a pillow of money to fall back on. I did the barely making ends meet, washing my clothes in the tub because I couldn’t afford detergent or to go to the laundromat thing and to be honest…I am over it. REALLY OVER IT. It sucks feeling like you can barely survive. That is why I left that life and pushed and pushed for more. I think that will be another blog post though! haha!

I have such an entrepreneur mindset that working for someone is actually difficult for me. I want to do what I want, on my time and not have someone pay me for my time.  So if I were to quit my current job the one thing that could be tricky is that we would be giving up a large salary. Do I want the burden of income on my husband solely for a bit until whatever I decide to do gets up and running? To me..that is a big burden. That is alot of expectation and hope that you are doing a great job so you don’t get fired. There would, however be less expenses in regards to our child (Daycare=$$$$$$$$$$$) so that is a plus?

I know that some mothers-to-be just know automatically what they want to do…well I am not that woman. BY ANY STRETCH. I tend to waffle, actually I waffle a lot. I over-analyze my ideas until I convince myself they aren’t a good idea – I am actually really talented at it! Woo! Go Me!  It is not my favorite quality about myself and something I am working on changing. I need to just make a decision and stick with it! Anyone else do that? Or am I a lone wolf over here? haha! So there in lies the question …do I stay home or do I go back to work? I think both will be difficult no matter how you slice it. There are obstacles on both ends along with huge benefits and I am just unsure which one I would prefer when it really comes down to it!

I haven’t quite figured out my position on this yet but my current thought is it would be really lovely to stay home. I would love to hear your thoughts. What did you do? Did you struggle with this idea? Was it a no brainer? Was it more a money issue than a personal decision? Maybe your experiences will help me on deciding my choice!


Wow! A journey it has been….

The last 4 and a half years have been quite the journey in regards to our fertility. We have gone through so many ups and downs, twist and turns. It really has been a roller coaster!

Anyone in my position knows exactly what I mean by that too! So let’s recap on the last couple of months…I decided to make some major changes actually to help with this fertility journey we have been on. I completely stopped working out hardcore, instead I did Piyo some days and made sure I was walking everyday.


I also found out about Adrenal Fatigue (CLICK HERE) and I decided that I needed to really focus on getting that cleared up because I think there was a relation to that and me getting pregnant along with some other issues I was having. So with that, I started on some vitamins that the Chiropractor recommended I take! They were called Adrenal and Stress Vitamins and had tons of B vitamins in there along with some other good stuff. After a week of taking the vitamins I really noticed a difference in how I felt. A month later my numbers were incredibly better! So i know I made the right choice to scale back everything I was doing. Not just exercise but also my school for NASM, Beachbody Coaching also. I decided that if I really wanted to be healthy I needed to just stop everything and focus. Well it totally worked!

The second month we decided to keep going on the vitamins to get me to the correct levels since I wasn’t quite there yet. I realize in that month though that I have been putting way to much stress on myself, adding to much to my plate and ultimately feeling like a failure because of it. Taking that time off really helped me learn alot and how I work and what I need to do for myself to keep myself together.

So now we are in the second month of vitamins and I decided to go ahead and try the Clomid again. (This will be our second round of it) – I had some symptoms from it but it wasn’t too bad. The first time I used Clomid I had absolutely no symptoms which was great because I have heard that some women feel crazy when they take it because it is ‘super ovulation’ type pill. Naturally I was a little worried how I would feel the second round because I have heard through the fertility grape vine that the second or third round can give you symptoms! EEK!

Well I decided to just go with it and take the Clomid and see how it went. Surprisingly it wasn’t too bad! I got some symptoms but it wasn’t anything to write home about. In fact…I don’t really remember them now! Now for the those that DO get the symptoms my recommendation is before you even take these pills is to let your family know. Keep them updated so they can be more sensitive in regards to how you are feeling. It will make a world of difference.

So moving on…here is the fun part! WE ARE PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It worked! it really really worked! haha! Yes if you are on facebook you would know this by now! lol OK I am serious I didn’t believe it at first. I thought ‘nah this is a joke!’ So let me tell you why I thought it was a joke! So the friday I was supposed to get my period I was flying out to Missouri to hang out with my sister in law and family. Well I didn’t get my period. . I thought ‘oh maybe I am pregnant! or ‘my period is never late so this better not be a joke!’ Well that entire weekend nothing came. It was strange. Yes I did take several tests and nothing. zilch. zero. I started to get worried…like is this going to be a cruel joke? Is my period going to be 5 days late and then I get it? I tried to settle my thoughts and having family around to ‘talk me down’ helped a ton. Hillary and I prayed and I hoped for the best.

Come Tuesday and I decide…ok nothing has happened..let me just go in and take a test. It was early morning, Tanner was just hopping in the shower and there I was…sitting on the toilet wondering if this is the day our life is going to change.

So there I went doing my duty with the test in hopes and well…I was scared too! As I was staring at this test all of a sudden I see it! The second line I have been longing for for 4 YEARS. 4 Stinkin Years of you know how many tests I have used in 4 years? lol! So there I was sitting in the bathroom staring at this test. I thought to myself..holy crap…I am pregnant? Wait I am freakin pregnant!? I immediately start laughing and just giggling to myself as I figure out what I will say to Tanner. (who by the way is still showering at this point)


I leave the bathroom and head into the shower area where Tanner is and I am just laughing and laughing. He looks at me starting to laughing too and is like ‘are you ok?’ haha! I was like ‘well I took this test and it says I am pregnant!”

That is when the laughter got even bigger and then into crying and then into laughing as both of us stood there completely naked, hugging each other and being extremely vulnerable with each other. This was the moment we have been waiting for for so long..and now it is here!  It was probably the most special amazing moment I have ever had.

I just want to tell everyone who has followed us on this journey, THANK YOU! Thank you for praying, for crying with me, for listening, for talking for everything. You all are amazing and I hope you all follow me through the craziness of pregnancy and more!

Airport Food

As we all know there is a ton of airport food but most of it is terrible for you. Right? 😳

There are tons of foods that are processed and just out right nasty yet we tend to have the mindset of ‘well I am on vacation so it doesn’t count’ I am definitely one who does that!!! Anyone else?! I can’t be the only one haha! 

If you really are wanting to achieve goals the staying on track as best as you can is what you need to do. You aren’t missing out on anything by choosing a meal that is healthier. Food is fuel! Remember that! It is there to help your body thrive and do its best! 💜 so treat it well! We only get one ! 

Today I am at the airport right now – DIA – actually and I decided to not get the eggs Benedict and to go for a healthier option! Btw this was a TON of food! I could not eat it all! Ha ha 

I do not feel like I missed out in fact this meal was really delcious and my body is thanking me for not putting anything heavy, salty and processed in it! Especially since I will be sitting in a tube for the next couple hours! Ha ha ha ain’t nobody got time for that! 

I want to encourage you guys that next time you are at the airport think about this post and opt for the healthier option! Your body will thank you! 
Happy Friday! 

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