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The Anxiety Monster and What I Did to SHUT IT UP!

It is amazing how your body changes so much during and after having a baby. The hormones raging, the weight fluctuating…blah blah blah….that is all I have to say about that business. lol You just don’t feel like you…and the question always pops in…

Are Things Really Quieting Down? Yeah…Probably Not!

The last couple weeks have been a complete whirlwind!! Jenson, Tanner and I went on vacation to California and then I actually traveled home alone because Tanner had to get back to work. I am officially launching my new business in Essential Oils this…

Sunday Thoughts…that Damn Stress!

Its Sunday afternoon and I hear the sounds of paint rollers in the soon to be nursery as I am sitting at my little desk in our new house working away.  I am just thinking about how life has changed sooo much for me….

Stress of Pregnancy and Money

The excitement of being preggers is still in the air of course…but I have been having this underlying stress about ‘how are we going to pay for this and still live!?’ I am sure you saw that in my previous post about staying home…

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